Rebuilding Cinnamon packages for Debian

For all people who want Debian SID package: it's easy to rebuild ones from Ubuntu. Below is a short guide how to do that. Note, that it's nothing unusual (rebuilding packages often looks very similar). I hope this will be useful for those who have never followed a similar procedure before.

  1. Add the source part of the repository that holds Cinnamon packages for Ubuntu. You will find the link to the repository on the Cinnamon download page. The repository used as of today is described by a line:
    deb-src precise main
    This line needs to be added to /etc/apt/sources.list, or a similar file around. You can read more about this file in the sources.list manual page.
  2. Start a command line. Make some empty directory and enter it.
    mkdir ~/building-cinnamon
    cd ~/building-cinnamon
  3. Download the package list from a newly added repository:
    sudo apt-get update
  4. Build libmuffin, which is a dependency of cinnamon. These three lines download whatever packages are needed for the build process; download the source of libmuffin and build it; and install all packages built in the process (it seems all of them are necessary, and they depend on each other anyway).
    sudo apt-get build-dep libmuffin-dev
    apt-get -b source libmuffin-dev
    sudo dpkg -i *.deb
  5. Build cinnamon. The commands are the same as above.
    sudo apt-get build-dep cinnamon
    apt-get -b source cinnamon
    sudo dpkg -i cinnamon_*.deb


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